About Us Horn & Uchida Patent Translations, Ltd.

About Us

Services IP-related translation, in particular patent translation.
Founded June 2000
Address Horn & Uchida Patent Translations, Ltd.
Kitahama Excel Building 10F Kitahama 2-6-11 Chuo-ku 541-0041 Osaka-shi Japan
President Harue Uchida (Ms.)
Founder Friedemann Horn (German and European Patent Attorney, since 2005 residing in Munich)
Company History
June 2000 "Horn Patent Translations, Ltd." is founded in Takarazuka by Friedemann Horn
September 2000 Harue Uchida joins the firm and the company name is changed to "Horn & Uchida Patent Translations, Ltd."
December 2002 Our office moves to Kita-ku, Osaka.
October 2008 Our office is moved to its current location in central Osaka.

3 principles

We continuously strive for the best cost performance. This does not mean the cheapest translation. In fact, choosing the cheapest translation provider often leads to translations that are difficult to understand. In patent prosecution for example, this will often lead not only to an increased number of objections (clarity etc.), but also to higher attorney fees, as the prosecuting attorney will need significantly more time to divine the intended meaning. Whether during prosecution or after grant, the costs incurred due to a poor translation easily outweigh the additional costs for obtaining a competent translation to begin with. Our goal is to contribute to your bottom line by eradicating the follow-up costs caused by poor translations.

01 Keeping deadlines

First of all, delivering high-quality translations is the cornerstone for gaining our clients' trust - this is self-evident. In addition, we are keenly aware of the supreme importance of keeping deadlines in this business and the consequences of missing, say, the priority deadline by even one day. Accordingly, we will keep all agreed-upon deadlines.

02 Complete service

We provide a complete service to our clients. This means, we prepare the translation in accordance with your preferences (format, etc.), and our translators are prepared to answer any questions that you have regarding our translations.

03 Strict confidentiality

We are aware of the sensitive nature of patent applications and other IP-related documents and handle all your documents with strict confidentiality.

Our Translation Style

The overriding goal in the translation process is to create a document that correctly captures the meaning of the source language (e.g. English) in the target language (e.g. Japanese). In the case of languages that are as structurally different as English and Japanese, this cannot be done by simply transposing every word into the target language, as this will result in an unnatural translation that may be very difficult to understand. Rather, it is necessary to first capture the intended meaning of the source text and then find an equivalent expression in the target language that accurately conveys the meaning.

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