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We specialize in intellectual property translation

  • Types of documents handled
    Due to extensive in-house experience, we are well-acquainted with our clients' needs. In particular, we are familiar with the formal requirements for patent applications filed with the national and regional patent offices in the U.S., Europe, Japan and other countries, and our services include the editing of patent specifications according to the respective formal requirements.
    • ・patent applications to be filed
    • ・published patent applications and patents
    • ・documents submitted as IDS
    • ・opposition briefs
    • ・litigation-related documents
    • ・other IP-related documents
  • Technical fields
    We cover a wide range of technological fields. Most of our orders are in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, but we also handle numerous cases in such fields as software, chemistry and biotech.
    ・Electrical engineering
    ・Mechanical engineering
  • Languages
    We don't claim to be competent in dozens of different languages. Rather, we believe that one key to quality is to do what we do best. And that is IP translation between English, Japanese and German. Our office staff includes native speakers of each of these three languages, which helps us produce competent translations between those languages.
    (*) Please note that our capacities for translations into German (usually handled by a German patent attorney) are very limited. If you need a translation into German, please notify us as early as possible.


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