Our Strengths Horn & Uchida Patent Translations, Ltd.

01 In-house translation

We work together in one office

Our office is located in Osaka, Japan, and this is where 80% - 90% of our translations are actually being translated by our in-house translators. Sharing one office also means that we share knowledge and know-how. We check each other's work, and our experienced translators provide guidance and feedback to our less-experienced translators. When translation questions arise, there is always someone there for a discussion. The result is a creative environment in which all translators can continually improve.

02 Collaboration between native speakers

We have native Japanese translators and native English translators working together

Our team of in-house translators includes Japanese, Americans and Australians. Since almost all of the work that we handle is translation between Japanese and English, this means that there is always a native speaker of the target and the source language at hand to consult with - or for a second opinion.

03 Extensive patent translation experience

We have experience working in patent law firms

Almost all of our translators have previously worked in various patent law firms before joining us. This means that we know what our clients want. Whether translations of prior art documents, translations of new applications claiming priority under the Paris convention, PCT translations, translations for filing in the US, translations for filing in EP, translations of office actions, IDS translations - we've done it all before hundreds of times and know which format and style is appropriate in each case.

04 Technical knowledge

We have translators with a technical background

We do not think that it is necessary to have an advanced degree in the technical field of the text to be translated. Nevertheless, our in-house translators include several with a master’s degree or even Ph.D. in such fields as electrical engineering or chemistry. This often makes it possible to resolve technical questions on the spot.

05 Accountability

We tell you who translated your text

We disclose the name of the principal translator in charge. This not only ensures that our translators take responsibility for their translations, but also makes it possible for you to discuss translation questions directly with the translator - without going through a middleman or having to put every question in writing. We believe that smooth communication between translator and client is important for high-quality translation.

06 Translation comments

We provide comments highlighting any potential problems in the translation

When we deliver your translation, you will receive a comment sheet from us that points out any potential problems in the translation. This typically includes a list of items which we believe may be wrong in the original text that you sent us (e.g. wrong reference numerals, typos, etc.). Depending on the type of translation, we may correct such errors at our end (for example in translations for new patent applications claiming Paris priority), or may not correct them (for example in PCT translations or the like), but in any case, we will inform you if we think that there is something that you should check carefully. This ensures that you can check our translations more efficiently.

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